Thursday, November 14, 2013

shades of gray.

I spend plenty of time now shading small details with pencil. They start to look 'real' towards the end, but you have to push through the unseen to find the final result. The lips series will be a challenge, my first one was inspired by the lips that I love. The lips that I have touched before in my past; tasted their venom.. become caught up in their poison. Once you have them... You always crave more. The lips alone will speak for themselves... Little quirks and smirks to describe a feeling once had.

So I relax, there is no where in this world that I would rather be. Opening up more doors than I know what to do with... I peer inside just a few. "The boy" stands in a dark doorway... With just a small light flickering. Candles lit... A luring grin. He bites his lower lip and lowers his head down, so I can only see his eyes lost in the brow. The shadows of my past tell me to be cautious... But a dangerous feeling is something that I seek.

Closing my eyes I am alone. I prefer to keep them open from now on. I want to take note of all the details.

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