Friday, November 8, 2013

This time.. I see always.

"Is that a poem?" I ask... "Sure".
It was not, but this proves my theory of each action results in a different reaction, depending of course on the person's current frame of mind...

I think of it as my personal love poem.
That one day he may... Or may not recite to me.
It is rather irrelevant to me, I may fall down... I shall get back up.

Oh yea. I take risks. "Rambling woman.. With a gambling soul."
I feel I've aged myself centuries the past few weeks... So far into another world.

Last night I dreamed that I was fussing with my mother about how if she had more faith in me.. I would be more successful. Is it that I don't have faith in myself? I fell asleep early and slept lightly.. Going in and out with worrisome thoughts. My prayer practice has increased.. At this point, it is all that I have left. Prayer & Faith.

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