Friday, August 29, 2014

yes please.

when he asks... he receives. 

the saline flowed in the morning hours. after awakening from such painful dreams of time moving too fast. it always moves too fast with him... like an overdose each time we get to become wrapped up in each others essence. the small inclinations of this is the past and future. i long for more... forever. "i have my doubts" he admits in the early light. not early enough. instead i reside in slumber which brings me no peace. to be able to rewind and start this day again... over and over. i would have felt strength, love and compassion. "love me forever" the black angels rings in my ear "why does your heart beat with mine? see, it's very hard to deny." why does love hurt so much? how can separating feel like knives stabbing and ripping apart the flesh, as if i can physically see his heart beating in his chest... how can this be?

it is the amount of pleasure felt balanced with the impending doom of the end. it is a kiss on the cheek goodbye, until next we meet ... seeping from my pores is your taste. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


the sounds of "69 ring in my ear. moby grape sings a good tune to the afternoon atmosphere. watching the southern california waves from the oceanside window... i perch up like a cat in heaven. this really is heaven, and with each day i will absorb this sunshine. store it in a little glass, like the purest of maple syrup... reserved for the darker days.

last night we sat under the stars... brighter than usual because of the dark side of the moon. she rests her bright light cycle... for new beginnings. setting our sights on the future pressure of a consistently unconventional lifestyle. no longer can i spare a minute of my time to be exposed to the nonsense that is our countries current state of being. only the galactic perimeter is my limit and i refuse to fall for the lies and schemes of "the system". scamming each of us with ease... those who are not aware of their own existence.

blessings are placed like glitter on the ground... i take care to understand that it is given to those who seek this bright light. let your soul grasp this shimmer, take the time to rest your eyes, focus on the third eye and envision your arrival to bliss. with grace and ease each of us is granted the opportunity... 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


showing no activity; dull and sluggish. 

the idea that "nothing" is happening is beginning to wear me down... my attitude isn't as sharp and i ponder "the end". this lingering essence of "put a stop to the madness" is what i can't seem to "kick". well well... 

you are in luck. the reset button is only a few weeks away.

the love of my life feels the same, honestly, it must be the unifying feeling we all have. how about you? summer comes to a close in a grossly graceful fashion whilst i have dreams of being uncomfortably bound. this is no surprise and the excitement of falling leaves on the east coast brings me back to serenity. rest my soul and angel eyes... i plan to give more details soon. 

until then, we must all wait to see. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

blacklight morning light.

i am willing to wait. and with all the waiting & patience & hard work i can see the light. dreaming him into my life is exactly what i needed, wanted and desired. now that the sequence of our morning has perfected it's self... we can continue on to the rest of our eternity.

i apologize for being so vague, but there isn't enough time, words... touches or sensations to explain what i am feeling. taking the soul searching moments to myself to gather and collect my energy. i plan to exude much more in my immediate future. much more than i am used to or even comfortable with... experimental settings and relations that exhibit the profound lives that we as "artist" choose to live. the rules which apply to us are no different than the "norms" but realistically... the creative usage of supplies and resources is the main separation to the extreme distance we are willing to travel for a feeling.

he said he loves my imagination. well if it wasn't for my elaborate mind configurations i would just bore to death. the visions and dreams i choose to submerge myself and those around me in... are what keep this sea of mundane insanity a feasible body of water to tread. now that we have established our relation to one another... we are able to behold this precious gift that "took us away" from those that were holding us down. with each ending... comes a new beginning. one door closes... and several windows become ajar. i'm climbing into this one... he has no idea what this life looks like, but i dreamed it up for the both of us.

Friday, August 8, 2014


time continues...

the loss of creative moments upsets the very acids in my being. i can not seem to comprehend the changes that so abruptly dissipated into thin air. just like that... gone.

the piano leaves me
the one lover... moves away
the borrowed guitar
now the only instrument left
my voice.

she sings.
i can begin now to
feel and hear the improvement
i can take it anywhere
this voice requires
no case
no rental charge
no label
thank the heavens, because i will soon travel lightly.
making sure to tread the seas with ease. going with the tide
the pull of gravity that guides us all... if we accept it.
allow yourself the grace to fall.

Monday, August 4, 2014

moral calibration.

in the event that i should go out alone... i am destined to make friends with those around. in an underground setting... the task is done effortlessly. to hear the sights and sounds is a sunday blessing and one would assume that each soul has it's... talents. in our pockets, they collect like skipping stones ... better to be known at a later date... when an actual lake is near. not to be held back from the flow of the universe, our creator strategically places each pawn with diligent precision. impeccable timing is the key to opening each door... only to unveil what was already there all along.