Wednesday, August 27, 2014


the sounds of "69 ring in my ear. moby grape sings a good tune to the afternoon atmosphere. watching the southern california waves from the oceanside window... i perch up like a cat in heaven. this really is heaven, and with each day i will absorb this sunshine. store it in a little glass, like the purest of maple syrup... reserved for the darker days.

last night we sat under the stars... brighter than usual because of the dark side of the moon. she rests her bright light cycle... for new beginnings. setting our sights on the future pressure of a consistently unconventional lifestyle. no longer can i spare a minute of my time to be exposed to the nonsense that is our countries current state of being. only the galactic perimeter is my limit and i refuse to fall for the lies and schemes of "the system". scamming each of us with ease... those who are not aware of their own existence.

blessings are placed like glitter on the ground... i take care to understand that it is given to those who seek this bright light. let your soul grasp this shimmer, take the time to rest your eyes, focus on the third eye and envision your arrival to bliss. with grace and ease each of us is granted the opportunity... 

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