Friday, August 29, 2014

yes please.

when he asks... he receives. 

the saline flowed in the morning hours. after awakening from such painful dreams of time moving too fast. it always moves too fast with him... like an overdose each time we get to become wrapped up in each others essence. the small inclinations of this is the past and future. i long for more... forever. "i have my doubts" he admits in the early light. not early enough. instead i reside in slumber which brings me no peace. to be able to rewind and start this day again... over and over. i would have felt strength, love and compassion. "love me forever" the black angels rings in my ear "why does your heart beat with mine? see, it's very hard to deny." why does love hurt so much? how can separating feel like knives stabbing and ripping apart the flesh, as if i can physically see his heart beating in his chest... how can this be?

it is the amount of pleasure felt balanced with the impending doom of the end. it is a kiss on the cheek goodbye, until next we meet ... seeping from my pores is your taste. 

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