Tuesday, August 12, 2014

blacklight morning light.

i am willing to wait. and with all the waiting & patience & hard work i can see the light. dreaming him into my life is exactly what i needed, wanted and desired. now that the sequence of our morning has perfected it's self... we can continue on to the rest of our eternity.

i apologize for being so vague, but there isn't enough time, words... touches or sensations to explain what i am feeling. taking the soul searching moments to myself to gather and collect my energy. i plan to exude much more in my immediate future. much more than i am used to or even comfortable with... experimental settings and relations that exhibit the profound lives that we as "artist" choose to live. the rules which apply to us are no different than the "norms" but realistically... the creative usage of supplies and resources is the main separation to the extreme distance we are willing to travel for a feeling.

he said he loves my imagination. well if it wasn't for my elaborate mind configurations i would just bore to death. the visions and dreams i choose to submerge myself and those around me in... are what keep this sea of mundane insanity a feasible body of water to tread. now that we have established our relation to one another... we are able to behold this precious gift that "took us away" from those that were holding us down. with each ending... comes a new beginning. one door closes... and several windows become ajar. i'm climbing into this one... he has no idea what this life looks like, but i dreamed it up for the both of us.

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