Monday, July 28, 2014

"The demons that we fight, the dreams that we dream, the anger, anxieties and anguish that we feel, the pleasures we encounter, all experiences (good & bad) we’ve had, the beliefs that we hold sacred, all put us out there for the world to see and make us transparent and vulnerable." --Roopa Dudley (artist/painter)

Saturday, July 26, 2014





once you've seen this, well i would suppose you have seen it all. only a moments glance and this has disappeared. i am sure that there is a valid explanation for this "white light"... but what's the fun in those?
days pass and too much unfolds; occurs in a falling fashion that i don't know which way is up any longer. he decides to hold on, i am compelled to let go? will this cycle ever end?

when loved by the divine God that is our father... i adore only one. the one that died so brutally so that we may have life. the one that experienced all temptations, all trials, all tribulations so that we could have life, love and liberty. i choose to love my one just the same. with all patience, all kindness and all mercy. by the grace of God may i love him... and those around me.

placing my hand in... i think i have a full house.
i know i left for some length of time.
don't be surprised when i disappear again.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

scratch that.

placement of various sounds for a reaction to the action of taking our time. a rough draft inversion too close to scale but still at the beginning. practicing the progressions and rhythms religiously each day... an itch that must be brought to attention before the assembly is due.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


key notes to be placed above the more subtle sounds. of nature to relieve the tension that is our heavenly escape. placed in a world so upside down that the beginning would much rather become our infinite ... grace.
the saga continues and trails into a parallel intersection similiar of crashing trains. the impossible moments of tantalizing self involvement in one another... as if time or anything else at that matter doesn't cater to our wants... or needs. just a pair of inseparable characters living an extraordinary portrayal of love.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

for your entertainment.

excepting that the force of the flow is merely a parallel set of lines
electrified when you push this force to manifest the realization
eventually the truth comes out. now familiar faces and places are
masked. i am not good at investing. it says i know the answer all
alone in questioning the right script. taking words and red lights
signs that we should take it down until perhaps we become
accidentally attached. reaching for a higher realm of asking &
receiving. what am i really crying about anyway. i feel weak.

too much drama for one day.
off to learn something, then
another day of childlike

be more intriguing. 
see... the sex makes 
us wait. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

this little light.

"i'm gonna let it shine...

let it shine.
let it shine.
let it shine."

much peaceful slumber leads to
a rearrange of words... and a
rested mind. if... it wasn't mine.
day dreaming of another day.
watching the show onstage is the
desire i wish to lead. being "observed".
so to say it lightly... i don't belong
in the crowd.
this fire is

the awareness of patience
and observation of the
required changes. once
upon a time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

meet grace.

"there is no need for us to question whether or not we are worthy of grace; that is whether or not we deserve it because of our attitudes and behavior. we need not even ponder the matter of whether or not God can withhold grace, for God cannot. it is the nature of grace to flow through avenues open to it. the effects of grace are healing, redemptive, cleansing and illuminating. grace contributes to spiritual growth, mental acuity, psychological wellness, physical function, supportive relationships, orderly unfoldment of circumstances, a sufficiency of all needed things, and the eventual fulfillment of soul destiny. grace does what we cannot do and opens doors which cannot be unlocked by ordinary means" --all things possible by roy eugene davis 

the question remains: what am i living for?
                   where do i invest my energy?

the gospel tells me DO NOT BE AFRAID. 
                               rest in the salvation. 

so i begin to radically change my plans because i believe
when asked the questions...

1. Are you investing into others?

2. Are you finding security in Christ?

3. Are you taking God sized risk?

gracefully i shall reply

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


the possibility or likelihood of some future event happening.

a person regarded as likely to succeed. 

in the meantime, i will pass the time with a furrow of my brow and a curious question of "what if?".

what if it all comes true?
what if the answer is that of a simple...

i want to wake up in my studio. i my creative space that is full of wonder. full of paints, instruments.. charms and tall, open white light. silk curtains from floor to ceiling that blow in the california breeze. i want to abandon all time schedules and live according to the way of the universe. feeling each moment
out so that i can create the harmony that is meant to be my perspective. i want to wake up next to the
partner that pushes my limits and unravels my fears... intentionally seizes each moment with me in unison so that we can bring together the most creative souls together... and make our destiny.

that is the catch.
"to bind" all the talents with which were are blessed
used in a manner that fulfills the future.
if you don't know where you are going
how on earth will you ever find your 

"i'm all in."

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

earth's blood.

black mirrored
vibrations to
help cleanse
negative past

molten lava
cooled quickly
volcanic glass

clearing paths
within the root
of the issue
cancel fear to

from the ground
resonating a
foundation of
the spiritual
gift of