Saturday, July 26, 2014





once you've seen this, well i would suppose you have seen it all. only a moments glance and this has disappeared. i am sure that there is a valid explanation for this "white light"... but what's the fun in those?
days pass and too much unfolds; occurs in a falling fashion that i don't know which way is up any longer. he decides to hold on, i am compelled to let go? will this cycle ever end?

when loved by the divine God that is our father... i adore only one. the one that died so brutally so that we may have life. the one that experienced all temptations, all trials, all tribulations so that we could have life, love and liberty. i choose to love my one just the same. with all patience, all kindness and all mercy. by the grace of God may i love him... and those around me.

placing my hand in... i think i have a full house.
i know i left for some length of time.
don't be surprised when i disappear again.

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