Wednesday, July 9, 2014

meet grace.

"there is no need for us to question whether or not we are worthy of grace; that is whether or not we deserve it because of our attitudes and behavior. we need not even ponder the matter of whether or not God can withhold grace, for God cannot. it is the nature of grace to flow through avenues open to it. the effects of grace are healing, redemptive, cleansing and illuminating. grace contributes to spiritual growth, mental acuity, psychological wellness, physical function, supportive relationships, orderly unfoldment of circumstances, a sufficiency of all needed things, and the eventual fulfillment of soul destiny. grace does what we cannot do and opens doors which cannot be unlocked by ordinary means" --all things possible by roy eugene davis 

the question remains: what am i living for?
                   where do i invest my energy?

the gospel tells me DO NOT BE AFRAID. 
                               rest in the salvation. 

so i begin to radically change my plans because i believe
when asked the questions...

1. Are you investing into others?

2. Are you finding security in Christ?

3. Are you taking God sized risk?

gracefully i shall reply

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