Wednesday, December 4, 2013


"as an artist in this generation. 
who says i know anything about art. no… i do not know much about the history of it, but i live it… breathe it and portray it.
i think it had much to do with my childhood and always being outdoors, always having the time and energy… and resources to create things. i could see how nature worked and the life and death… all the colors. i made all the actualities up in my head so here i am… on an earth that doesn't even exist in my mind. 
oh lord. 
i remember how much i disliked structure and anything that is remotely routine. i like to mix it up and fear the same feeling. i would rather not be surrounded by the same people everyday, as a matter of fact… i'd rather be alone.
that is how i felt about having to go to church all the time… but now i see why i didn't like it, it wasn't the belief or the word. it was the walls that always seem to hold me in… hold me back. but i remember as a child always having some tight connection with my interior voice that shows me things i will and am supposed to be… pursuing."

excerpt from 500 days of LA 

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