Wednesday, December 4, 2013

consistently inconsistent.

the lesson of the day... too many to count.
here i reside in my lovely setting
accomplishing what i see as .. nothing.
i rather bore myself.
tears fall from the keys of the piano
as i sit cross legged on the floor and weep.
begging for mercy and forgiveness.
i know nothing.

all of it bores me.
i have no passion.
i long to sleep... away this present moment.

is that true? is that truly how i feel? i have no idea what happened.
i just know that i am usually not present for the most intense part.
so why should anyone care? why should anyone have interest in what i have to say?

asking asking asking asking.
ask in the name of the lord and you shall receive.

a small spider crept up... moving steadily along the black and white landscape.
a sign. creativity & balance. keep pushing through.

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