Sunday, December 8, 2013

sunday...bloody sunday.

here i am on the first after the saturday effect & chaos... alone.
here i am just as i was before
just as i will always be.

so i gain another perspective.
he always has the timing of say...
an angel.

i mix up the bag of tricks
and take a tip from the man himself
becoming slightly elusive.

pulling myself in two directions
perfectly balanced... hell and
heaven call my name at once.

i have light to spread
i promise i do
and now i understand the term "die young".

this day & age of touch technology
it touches back
and opens all the seized doors.

this day i'll live a parallel version
a day in the life of ...
my san francisco lover.

do not bore of this place just yet
accepting the space
you have been blessed with. amen.

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