Saturday, November 22, 2014

no + one

solitude. as if we are on a separate plane and only in small instances can we even see the physical creature that is my desire. planetary alignment is shifting and if gravity has any relevance... tension is sensationalized be it of my vivid imagination. we don't see eye to eye and i literally said "maybe i should just give it all up and say "fuck it"" i said that.

did i mean that?

breathe in honey, you are in for a ride.
looking at things from a different angle.
now he has all these "time" restrictions.
i remember when all we used to have
was time.

indeed i left it to fate to make it for me,
but i don't connect on this level. just to be
"out" is a pressure that alone can not even

calling out for comfort... no answer.
better that way. it is going to take
some time to accumulate material
and the essence of a talent. magical
talent is the brilliance of representation
and such projects that better the world.

to share it would be nice. in all honesty
i should've tried harder, looked more.
but the feelings are not there. their. they're. 

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