Thursday, November 13, 2014

skin & bones.


he addresses me in such a manner that i am sure we have been here before.
what could explain "this".
so we paint. and dream. and each fiber begins to bind it's self with another.
circles. circles. circles.
don't touch. dropping to my knees i cry out. these expressions shift shape my thought. the unexpected.

i am frightened to go outside at times because of a fear of what could actually happen. relevance. in a magical twist of fate. love without sex. for i am in love with the one that connects me & holds me in the vanity of my own selfish needs!! so i want to let out a cry that says to you, trust in the God that created you and you shall rise above the insanity of what is "daily life"...

"is this it?" no. it is indeed not "it" at all and i see that wonder is a marvelous tool and i prepare to escape this blunder of a place.

inspired by sobriety. yes my Lord. i am her.

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