Thursday, November 20, 2014

sound of silence.

Em   D   Em    C   G  Em    C   G   C    C/G   G   Em  D    Em   Em   D   Em   Em   C  G   Em   C  G   C      G    Em     D    Em      Em  D   Em   Em   C   G  Em   C   G  C  G  Em    D    Em   Em  D  Em  Em    G...

nevermind, it's the A & F chord.

this time is where the stillness creates tension. it's beginning to show in my skin and i'm having a hard time catching my breath. "this beauty is so good, what happens if i just turn around and walk away?"

try it. i can't. please don't blow out my...

and so the days progress and i am soon to have a relevance and a lifestyle that is more flexible. imagining the future as if it has already been and will be. taking hope in brighter days and subtle hints of recognition. what is the sound of passion? what is the price? as if teetering is a detachment and all i can do is call attention to how far i have come! this! this "time" was that of a journey to see where i have come... who have i created here?! to let you know that truth... i am the fire and you can not take what is rightfully mine to have, in time.

building something.
quality is a transaction that will take place
without the use of currency. webs. spinning webs.

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