Sunday, August 11, 2013


That is the name of my current game. If I want something, I will get it. I just have to use the slightest bit of sarcasm and wear a relatable t-shirt.. Then it's just a matter of time.

In a room full of boys... I'm adjusted to being the center of feminism. It has been years of "training" for me. The sense of humor and expression amuses everyone. I guess you could say that I can be "a good time."

I met trouble, we hang out often enough. I know her well. His friend that I met... They have previous "girl" issues. That's what I love to hear... He said we needed to meet... And we sure did. He addresses me as "trouble". 

I was from the future and had never heard of things such as.. Instagram or Facebook. I was deliriously sarcastic and just used that card for a while. Playing a roll and being ridiculous. That is my favorite past time.

"Who was she?" I wonder is the question this morning. I let him see a bit of me. I don't remember the exact moment that our faces met.. Once again. He said we'd be sober the next time this happened; he was hardly correct. I knew that.

The sugar and vodka added to the mix of why I can't remember. I want all the small things back... But instead I threw my usual tantrum because I was drunk and I must have some weird trapped up tension that is released now in my young adult life. I just know too much... And nothing at all. Oh the simplicity of being brilliant. I recall some one referring to me as... Just that. "Brilliant". 

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