Monday, August 19, 2013


I lose count of the days.. The hours... The time of what is making my future. I had all the best intentions of keeping up... Of using the right words, but instead I ignore my own goals. They seem.. Lackadaisical.

To create a design, one in my mind quickly and effortlessly.. Then we spent the evening in his studio making bracelets... I sat and was surprisingly quiet. I wanted to spill things all over the floor and throw paint.. Or delicately place acrylic on canvas... But not yet... Not yet. I have to breathe in and take these quiet moments to envision "this".

I was oddly surprised with my appeal to him... What keeps us intrigued in each other? An invisible draw like tiny crystal threads lacing our lives together. He might be the most interesting man I know...

"In a past life" he kept explaining...

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