Tuesday, August 6, 2013

obsessively monogamous.

"where am i going with this? I'm not really sure." is it a crazy thing to do what i do… what i did. 
but i feel like i have a purpose.
it all was from the band. i was so inspired to dance and be so thrilled with life that i just… danced. 
she said that they were all going to go home and have sex tonight. that is good… for couples. they need a reason to dance. our society forgot how to dance. how to have romance.  that actually keeps the 'things' alive. the flashback of what really was…. the dance. the sex is something so silly to me. it's not even the important part. 
i think the point might be that this music inspires us to want to have sex. it is like sex… it is that good. but if we all have loving and proper sex lives… we would be able to have a better country.. raise better children.. and see to it that people learn about love. 
the music translates well. purrfect. 

i am so thankful.
that is the point I'm trying to make. sex will indeed save us

so focus on yourself and the rest will come. have faith in the beauty of love.. across parallel lines. enjoy each one. 

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