Monday, August 12, 2013


"why do you write?"

because i have to, i explain.
i have to push the poison out somehow... somewhere.
do i know enough.
i never will... and if learning all the keys means spending more time just being still; i guess i'm going to stand still for awhile.

(i can see a professor now... tearing me apart)

it has to come out.
my time with sarah on the porch. she is an important character in the web that i am spinning. i watched a spider spin this web during dusk. she was delicate and persistent. she knew what she wanted... and she achieved it.
i suppose attraction is based on animalistic theory. if it weren't for the dreams, i wouldn't be pursuing him. but there are dreams and they have been realized.

in a world of two hundred years later.. i am still alive.
i am still intriguing.
i am still... on this earth.

(pick & choose wisely)

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