Wednesday, October 24, 2012

no expectation.
             only grace.

i'll have this permanently placed on my left wrist... in red.  where you check your pulse to see if you are alive, i need a reminder. 

somethings quickly become apparent.  you get answers and results fast.  the more i become one with my body and my self...the quicker the results.  a friend once said "your life is a direct reflection of you physical being".  he has a point.  i'm going to make it a point to keep my lines clear, its easier to see.
without expectation is a simple and beautiful thing.  your imagination can not even come close to reality... so there is no need to waste time planning and overanalyzing life situations. there is no way for your brain to process all the variables that go into a life event.  instead, manifest ideas and then take a look around for opportunities to get similar results of your dreams.  

some of the most beautiful women graced my life today.  i am so very blessed with their presence.

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