Wednesday, June 4, 2014


they continue to fall with an exception to the rule... the ones that i would want the most.  i can't stay too far away from his singing songs... i sang a few of my own today.

the afternoon consisted of greenery and champagne, me on a swing and a guitar. somehow all the words and chords fell together in a clash of good and bad. i will forever remember the feeling... but never the detailed words that spilled out into the open air... it had to be released.
"darling... you will never say i do... i do believe i'll still love you so... until you see the seas that cease to rise... another tidal wave you've seized... i do believe you'll never say ... never say i do. darling... will you ever say i do". in a country twang with a subtle beat, i hope it comes out to play again at another date, and time.

so i exercise my soul in song and travel. a morning bike ride to dissect my brain, filling the crevices with good thoughts, vibrant visions and a few epihanies... never ceasing to deliver with the fresh air and trails through the wilderness.

something to be said about a man in polka dots. i was able to capture his brilliant stature in raw form... covered in the tiny dots, buttoned up and tucked in; just how i remember the dark one at first sight so many months ago. two of a kind in a fashion that this "pretty" lady can never resist.

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