Tuesday, June 10, 2014

i'm on a tide... you're on a tide..."

in my dreams:

for the flutters of visions i can only recall a certain few scenes, but they required a very detailed encounter with mr. harrison. he had fallen ill and was recovering... we were laying on the old wooden breakfast bench of my childhood home, having a snack. spending much needed quality time together in the midst of all the chaos. he kept trying to tell me something but i couldn't hear him, i made him come closer but both ears were hard of hearing from the show. he kept transforming into someone i couldn't recognize... but his eyes stayed the same. i started to think... no matter how he is reflected, i will forever recognize him. i made us a snack and i fed it to him from my hands, but he had a hard time biting into the bread and cheese gracefully. i can recall trying to gather things and spend more time with him... 

it all vanishes with the sound of an alarm.

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