Thursday, June 26, 2014

i say a prayer.

let the angels take me 
away from the real.
what is the truth
i beg your pardon if
i am headed the other 
way. it's just an obsessive
compulsive standard of 
living. either way, i am 
falsely loathing a lavish
sound. it is not yours
to create but perhaps 
curate in a sensible 
obscurity. can't you see?!
this title is yet able 
to receive a crown 
because there wasn't 
enough blood & tears.
hands and knees meet
a breath of fire to open
the addict that lingers.
i'll just make it become
as if it always was, 
always will be. he will
find his way under
your skin. 

"i'm such an existential drag." the well by the toothe

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