Tuesday, June 10, 2014


well... he isn't at all mine. he's just... the main attraction.
i don't really understand the attraction anymore, i suppose he is just a mirrored reflection and that would explain my endless ... looks.

i did it on purpose.
i wanted to end it all.
i still do.
all the vanity.
all the style... in the
world couldn't save me

who wants me now?
all the past lovers take
a quick pass to see if
they can once again get in.

susie asks ... "not even the smallest spark?"
i have nothing left to give.
kiss like poison
to my bones. i lack all interest in any engagement.
i am over all it.
what more do you want from me?
i lingered too long
i begin to miss my west coast lack of identity... like moths to the light, i am too much for my own well being.

so he sings his songs and does his dance... claiming "i feel more comfortable... this is fresh".
let's never try this again. i know it's the end... subtle hints to tell me so... look me in the eye next time...
tell me you want me, i'll tell you goodbye.

anyone bored yet?

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