Friday, September 5, 2014



 - a movement or development toward a destination or a move advanced state, especially gradually or in stages.

 - a succession; a series. 

 - (music) a passage or movement from one note or chord to another. 

as i drink a glass of whiskey on the bed (in need of a prompt refill) covered in bleach and foil to achieve a look that is less than usual... at least those that are "normal" will comment on the strangeness of my (well) being. hm. 

as london said it best... he could have a line of girlfriends and you'll walk up to the front and just smile, a kiss and a hug (forever) you will reside. true.

the progress of my advancement is yet to be seen. it will take many (many) more months before i will even be able to understand the movement that has taken place. my right of passage is just a victory march that you will never understand. you have to see it to believe it... else i am too busy to even understand the evolution of this journey. the growth of my beauty is astounding.. to a point that i won't even recognize the creature that i have become. 

in a series of events.. i still exist on all plains. the sequence of events is yet to be discovered and as he strings me along... i am a heavy stream of emotion. this chain reaction is just a concatenation of how consistent this train keeps pushing on. yes, i will eventually have all my "ducks" in a row and with the cycle of seasons, love will indeed prevail.

as he pretends to (disconnect) himself as a self defense... i prepare myself for what is, was and will be my future tense of events. the beautiful and young, redefined and existent mick jagger waits for my "lunatic" soul to shake him up again. i remember the days... and the sounds that make me (present) tense. 

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