Thursday, September 25, 2014


prancing back and forth
in quick playful circles.

a mess of fur
caught in the teeth
of the player.

feeding one's rush for
passion at an
bite. of flesh
off the tip of his

fear not, for we are
safe here in each
other's body curvature
where the warmth
is held in between

luring and tricking
each other in
side of one another
nibbling and scratching
the surface.
howling at the moon
only takes a few
moments to
realize that he
is in fact one of
your own.

there is no escaping the
of the past.
we scurry off into
the dark brush of the
city lights and
lick our
gracefully planning
out the careful
and quiet footsteps
each one
the sinful
but powerful
occurrence that
led us to this...

march 2013

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