Thursday, October 16, 2014

irony is full price tonight.

but educated guess is half off...

consequently the science behind the scenes is better left unsaid. yesterday was a thrilling day in the calm sense; rising early with the sun is a better way to accomplish the many task at hand. stretching and moving the essence of what is already ours to partake, but you must learn how to use it first. catharsis(ical) is a proper made up word to describe my latest mood.

thank goodness i am "home".
walking around i now perceive memories... ones good, bad, indifferent. this time a shadow follows me, but he is no where to be found. the approach requires a new angle and without detail... i found it. for the change to undertake, you much first release all that does not serve. the repetition of this is an important concept to reach the highest potential. there is no time to explain and no evidence. so i create it. it takes one person .... then another. .... then another .. .. then another .. another ... another ...

dinner with the loveliest of lovelies was serendipitous. arriving at paradise was a spontaneous event and with absolute purpose we had fabulous wine and food and a beautiful "set" of servers. i am starting to understand the combination of human relation. with the help of gorgeous interconnectivity and friends doing what they are meant to do... well, we'll all arrive in a bette place. she leaves for paris next week and with many hopes from above, i pray that a few months with lead us to coffee & discovering europe. divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by deity's active involvement in the human world. 

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