Sunday, October 19, 2014

sacred space.

all the time and space
we can see clarity in
between the lines.
"you are beautiful"
crossed with "can you
forgive me?" for what
you (we) did to each
other. existing once
again in human form,
the type with skin &
bones. again. again.
he reaches out to take
a nip from my boney
shoulder just to make
sure. sure as the sun
will rise my love, i am
still here with you.
in love with your lucid
dreams. in love with
your liquid thoughts.
in love with your ....

holding the quiet
crystal orb, fragile like
crystals swirling, sparkles
in your eyes... i look
into them and see that
you are, as well... the
same. never again shall
i love another as you.
promises can not be
made that you won't
leave me again... i know
our time will come.
but know that if i ever
do go... i love you.

"i'm glad we can still
talk... even when you
are gone."

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