Saturday, October 25, 2014

la femme.

in a struggle to put proper words together  to describe this experience... a few days ago walking around in a dream within a dream. the anxiety of "is this really happening" took my courage from my cells and left me with only mild social distortion and i couldn't say a thing.

              not that he would've remembered... any of them, they might as well just carry on with their exceptional performances and relish in this american excitement. the french form of psych-pop surf rock is a taste you don't have everyday and had i the words at that time "it's a pleasure to meet you in this life, i believe we met in a dream once before" would've settled the score. the magic alone of already seeing the two-tone black and white hair style... red pants and small character features of his familiar stature, enough to reassure thou that "that" is the point.

            holy fuck. jump off the edge of your self-conscious tight rope. there isn't enough time


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