Sunday, October 5, 2014

the unplanned plan.

i want to feel something real again. to release all that does not serve me. time has become too valuable and i no longer enjoy the placement of my existence. broken heart story is beginning to consume my soul, the serious darkness begins to set in and i can no longer "break the spell".

perhaps i am the spell. to unleash what electricity i have left to savor... being at "home" is such a blessing, so why can't i enjoy a single droplet? it all cycles around again, but i have no interest. i have been here before.

take me with you when you go. dreamland is what feels real and if you imagine it, just think of "it" for one tiny moment, it shall come true. to cut out all the wild is to put an extinction to my imagination. this bright light.. i must let it shine. not letting my light shine is what is the downfall to actuality. LET it SHINE> dear god, i pray you light my path. please forgive me, for i have sinned... but along this path, i have found a new way. sometimes you have to take the path less chosen, even if its full of thorns.

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