Friday, May 3, 2013


to VISUALIZE the future would be the current message. it is just as simple as seeing the... goal that will help you to remember your passion.
i havent given up yet. as a matter of fact... the day, this slow day that i didn't "like" so much, turned into  a push that will keep me... rolling.
sitting and watching the tutorials, i realize that i am involved in a number of things. i can never have my mind on JUST one. but for this reason. . . i am everywhere & no where fast. i practiced my breathing and recall the quote that you don't know when your entire life will lead up to that moment when all of your ... dreams are full of **it.
i am severely over it & done with california as i sit and think about what i have done. did all of this... all of THIS lead up to me just returning home... even less of a whole?
not at all.

this TRIP is my future. it will only lead to all the right things... i am NOT supposed to be there. that isn't what will lead me to... the day when i'll sing with him at the piano in our living room with our... futures joined together.
i know that some days this feels like war. i know that it could only get worse... but the "angels" always know best & if i'm not busy with hair... then as london would say "i'm supposed to be doing something else."
i like hissssss patience.

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