Monday, May 6, 2013

twenty minute dream.

I was walking to work, it's late in the morning and everything is wet.. It had just rained, I suppose that's is why I didn't ride my bike. I passed a row of shops, thought I would stop in and ask them about a tattoo. The store I walked into looks like a tattoo shop.. But the more I was in there and talking to the guy... I was getting weird looks and the young girls were giggling... Then it turned into a paper copy business, huh. I turned and walked out... Rather confused. I heard Claudia's voice behind me, she was talking on the phone...walking to work.  I didn't feel like going into work so I jumped on a bus. It was more of a van and Alex was in there. He turned around and looked surprised... His hair long and grown out. I didn't pay much attention to him, I was busy looking at my phone. He was traveling along with some friends... The bus driver was tall with curly hair, funny guy.. A green and yellow hat. He stopped at a roadside beach access and the boys had no idea where they were going... The driver got mad that they had no destination in mind, so he let them out. I thought to myself.. I don't have one either. Then I asked him how to get to the salon... "What number should I take it get back?"... He seemed doubtful and laughed with kind eyes... None of these go that way. After some banter back and forth he agreed to take me back for a haircut. Of course he didn't have a card with him.. So he handed me a handful of notes and scrap paper... I shoved them into my wallet and searched around for a card, which I couldn't locate. I keep pulling out others cards from people that I had met across the country... Photographers etc. he laughed... 

My alarm woke me up and I was going to be late for work; in real life. 

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