Monday, September 30, 2013

Battling in transit.

Everything is unfinished. Nothing makes sense and I have no where to go. At least that is how I feel.
Now what? Lets jump a train and travel the coast. Disappear for the time.  Stop me if I'm wrong... but I think he dreamed me out of thin... Air.

Here I am. 
There he is. Phenomenal how he can utilize his energy with such ease. Throwin' shapes and confusing what particles I happen to have left over.
I am learning though, I am progressing. I have seen the outcome from otherwise. 

Southern California boy. 
That is all he stands to be for the time being.
Instead I sing others songs in my head just to help
Tolerate the unspeakable actions he wishes to perform.
I have been waiting for a partner in crime, the ones that
"F*** you" he says. Sound familiar? 

I am meant to be so much more, and if you give me a chance... I'll let you in to play. "Let you in". Well that would be absolutely absurd. I am in love with an illusion. 

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