Wednesday, September 4, 2013


a flood of inspiration caught me in a sea of all of my loved ones. i am thankful for the day and the ocean front salon. the lovely women, my muses...

i created wonderful wearable art work today. it is floating around the east coast in the form of proteins attached to the scalp. the shapes of blending long layers and creating a fall sunset in ombre form was much to be expected in my state of pleasure.

insight. i have clarity again. she was once was lost... but now am found. it just took a few chords to stroke again, this time with a slightly different crowd. the natural healers that are my lovers... pursing their lips with words, movements, advice to change my perspective.

"do what you wanna do" by devin the dude. describing the essence of my being for one of the better days. today is the day that i begin, again and again. i am happy for her return.

back in the woods is a path... the long dirt road that leads to nowhere. the murder hole some will call it... some never make it out alive. i think i belong there.

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