Monday, September 30, 2013

less & less & less

it is becoming drained from my body like fluid released out of a water ballon... air from a tire
"you are not a one night stand".
one night will never be enough.
how much can you give up?
how much can you give in?
how much can you live without?
how much can you suffer?
how long will you wait?

i have lost so many things
just to name a few i wish to recollect
is my self esteem. the boy i thought would never
fall for me... did.
he likes my womanly legs.
he likes me.
he hates me.
he wants me.
he wants me to fuck off.

my career is just the slightest glimmer of real.
only a few ounces left to try and make this one
work. no one really likes me anyhow.
it is a love hate thing. i lost too many fucking days.

i just want to shower off the past few days and start over.
can i start over?

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