Monday, September 9, 2013

lushious peace.

quality time.
the key to life is quality time. and i really needed this time with him. i had such a wonderful day. it was life church. the entire day. each moment to the perfect point of view.
monday brunch with an inspiring group of electric humans. waking up on the screened in porch at sunrise. i love hear to fuller's voice, something that she does to me. explaining that of which i reawakened and thought it was a dream. except for it was quite real.

one year ago today i gave him the perfect haircut in my kitchen. "you're moving to california?... that's cool." i gave him exactly that he wanted. "how did you know?"

i shake to shiver.

this year the sun set itself behind the horizon, the back drop to a phenomenal piece of art work.  with style. do everything with style, simply with style.
all the while listening to rock & roll. this time the kitchen of his eden street summer home. feeling the fall of a season, it's like i was here all along. we just have so much growing to do... alone. as artist we are ultimately alone in our own genius ...ways of riddles and scramble that amount to our daily lives.

he shared all the new music with me. reinventing himself. as it should be   t/he tills/
the ride is going to be fun. we are all going brillant places. and so the tide continues in and out...

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