Thursday, October 3, 2013


When a feeling lingers... Stays with you and causes feelings, emotions. Thoughts of him were only once in my dreams, but I have been in his... Before he knew me.

He said that I was there, hovering around... On him.
He dreamed we walked down the city streets, chain smoking and there were flowers everywhere... We were admiring how beautiful they were... Then we kissed against a wall.

This happened the other night... Friday to be exact, minus the flowers and cigarettes.
Lucid dreaming.
Others have them too.

It is not just me, hum. But I brought it up. What do I like about him? One might ask...
I don't recognize him... That is why I want to see him, our legs are comfortably wrapped and tripped out together. Is this normal? Too soon? I assume so.

"I am not normally this way... You are very tempting."

Oh good grief.

The piano haunts me. I want her so bad. Her keys are calling my name.
and as for Mr. Harrison? He is still so close.... but too far away on this particular day.

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