Monday, October 21, 2013


Resort back to the moment you arrived in California. The very first seconds of life here. The dreams, the aspirations... The joy of living in California. 
The eternal and everlasting light that I am... It resides inside of my soul. "I ain't got nothing but time".

I believe I prayed for him; I think I asked God for him to come along. Now we lay in a tangled mess of... Thoughts out loud. I should stay still with him, except we can never stop moving. I like hands and shoulders in the morning, it could've only been better with coffee. Our lustful time together is a sin, but I have to accept "this sin that I'm living in". I am only human.

I can't quite explain what has come over me. I think I fell out of love last night... This funny little feeling of ecstasy passing ... He wasn't what I wanted anymore, but that feeling and need to help him was still there. It is a forever feeling... 

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