Saturday, October 19, 2013

dare to scare.

The obstacle of being scared... Even if you know that it is happening... You can't exactly prepare yourself for the unknown. I was surrounded by all of my men, six wonderful men to keep me safe. Even their hands were not enough to keep me from screaming & shaky my way through the maze.

I think what disturbed me the most... That our society pays to scare themselves. By the masses we stand in line to see this "amusement"... How bizarre.
I was entertained by the crowds around us... Filtering in and out of the maze... Which is actually an old ship from the early twenties. It claims to be haunted and I'm sure that all the fake ghosts & chain slamming didnt make the actual spirits too happy. Either way, after only half of the show... I was eager to make my exit. 

The one chord that struck me.. Was a few moments with a banjo. A girl was dressed as a zombie and playing "beat it" by Micheal Jackson in such an intriguing manner... I hope one day to recreate this sound. Her feeling was stiff ans rigid... some thing was trapped inside. 

The old box cars lining the entrance with freak show and circus.... Flames firing in such a timing that kept you on your toes, now that I think back, I should've captured a photo, but no... I was reminded of Harry, I am sure he has already seen this before. 

Dreams to dreams twisted in liquid metal, all of which decided to reflect themselves in distorted ways. I wake up in great pain and sorrow... The pale white essence of innocence is how he makes me feel. Showering me in powered air, I could feel his hand. He is still lingering so close. I want to hear his voice again, but not many voices can be heard in these dreams. 

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