Thursday, October 10, 2013

grim reaper blues.

listen to: entrance band.
rock & roll
i understand just a bit more of their pain.

i was hit by a car on tuesday. as in... two days ago. it still seems like a subtle dream, except it hurts.
my neck hurts, my shoulders... thank goodness i merely just hit the ground; floating the entire way.
life catches you off guard and shakes you until you are alive again. i know how easy it is to die. i thought i was dead... for about three minutes. for your brain, that is an eternity of questions. "why me?" "why now?"

the morning was beautiful and white and lined with beach side palm trees. the excitement of my mission made me lucid and preoccupied with thoughts of acrylic and paint brushes. minutes later i was in an ambulance, strapped to a board... imagining my brain bleeding out. i had so many urges, so many needs at that moment. i wanted to sing out loud, i had survived the day.

as the morning progressed i started to gain my sense of being and made a few important phone calls. the calm in my voice confused those on the other line... "did you get hit by a car?" as if i was just born again in my last pose. resting and focusing on getting the breathe to where it belonged. sooner than later i had to tell my mother... who is 3,500 miles away.

strangest thing.
i had a dream this happened the night before.
can you really live the dream?
call 911.

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