Sunday, October 6, 2013

night sessions.

it is a time of darkness
to secure that the light
of day doesn't penetrate 
it's core.
power to the lizards that
scatter away from the 
limelight tunnels leading
you far from your
stay here with the shadows
and demons resting 
until the reflection of day
has left the land.
scratching and holding 
hands in a ransom for
lost souls pacing 
to steal your identity.
questioning your ability
to hold firm to this 
treasure that is your 
foster this hopeful lust
and bottle it out to sea
further from reality as
humanly possible.
rest eyes with the silence
sleep wrapped in fiction
and satin sheets
of death. 

he takes me on a journey
of glitter and gold substances
false is his intention
of ever settling with love. 

he'll find me in the night.

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