Wednesday, October 30, 2013

perfect timing.

you have to practice the daily rituals in order to stay on track. to stay focused and be able to get a task done. rituals. i have lost mine.. formed new ones, i am really unsure.

i stopped writing.
not enough time?
no.... just time filled with sex.
and other lustful nonsense.

but just as the seasons change, so do the tides.
it might be time to say goodbye for now.
he inspired an insightful ride.

i can learn to live without many things
a lover is not one of them.
i can not help my urges and i need them to be captured and contained with another human.

what i do believe... is that you choose a partner that compliments your life. that helps you get through the hard times, the good times.... and is there for years to help you reminiscence about the past. we choose to be with some one... we can not explain the attraction, but his scent plays a major role. his stature... his essence. it all just fits. for now. 

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