Wednesday, October 16, 2013


the beginning. sex will save us. dreams do come true.
they do. you just have to pray & concentrate.
i keep praying. i have no idea what is ahead of me.

talented artist are the most troubled souls...
all that feeling has to come from somewhere. what do you want to write about? this life.
lets be psychos together.
this moment.. we are alive.
i want to feel even more alive. with someone.
we deserve to have each other.
love is all a reality show.
so appropriate for my situation.
zack mexico inspired. talented guys.
oh the irony. the same moment i saw that ryan had hung up my painting in his room... & then joe text me a picture of another piece of art.. all of a sudden every thing became about art & it was... is amazing. i need to keep going. its only better from here. i am so ready. CALIFORNIA with michelle. its not what you expect. life with out expectations is a simple thing. enlightened. my favorite compliment of the night. this life is a reality show. i am the lead character. i am so ready for some one to hold me for a while. but i have plenty of time for that later. so begins the 14 day countdown.

one year later... i stumbled up this page in my journal today. 

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