Thursday, January 30, 2014

do not entertain me.

the new moon rises and once again i set a pact with myself to achieve those wondrous things i have been promised for .... the future. i beg to feel the impulse of creative strikes against my heart strings, slashes and clippings that may as well be the end of my life, but the beginning of something greater.

finishing the other half of the knitted infinity scarf... the teal and black continuous ensemble reminded me that a connection is something valuable to all of our futures. blindsided by the absurdity I'm sure he will be some how... bored with the choice made for him.

a conductor is the one that places the pieces into play. awakens the mind and self to a bigger picture. creates and controls the outcome of the group effort. looking at every single one as a valuable part of the entity. so there you have it.

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