Friday, January 10, 2014

to the end, and back again.

knelt at the end of a pier in the middle of the atlantic. i peered through the broken boards and could see the waves... the endless darkness of a swelling abyss below. i could feel that i was completely alone on this stormy night. with no business being on this wooden structure...

the release of tension from yelling and screaming to the sea urchins... mermaids and harpies... i just can't be held down any longer.  i can not restrict myself anymore. i don't have a care in the world & if i were the social experiment... well then so be it... i'll twist this into a source of power.

the hundreds of miles across the state so i could see the insane structures that are our life. to be held in the arms of a love... to lose two westside lovers.... to realize that you do indeed get what you ask for. but other things will quickly be taken away, the distance is what makes you work for it. no longer with "it" be convenient.

to be consumed and possessed by the spirit. to walk in the name of the lord because of the savior jesus christ. i don't know what else to be at this moment. he was there with me as the waves threw themselves against the lonely wooden beams... eventually my eyes adjusted to the dark night and i could see the horizon line, and with it hope of a bigger dream for me than i could ever dream. singing the words to a song i knew once and may know again... the sound of words coming from a body that i just merely try and care for. the soul trapped inside belongs to the spinning cycle of the spirit.

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