Saturday, January 18, 2014

pay attention.

i can't afford myself or the life that i lead. i release this power that is my current state of being. for more than once what you perceive is the life you lead and if that wasn't punishment enough.... then i don't know what is. i digress. 

if it isn't interesting enough to catch my attention... 
to the details that are your inner self. 
i absorb all the antics and can not resist the urge to underestimate my powers. 
growing wise is a painful price and sometimes you have to see the passion first thing... first. 

if i wasn't on the other side of the country making a quiet mess of things, then how would my reality be perceived. how could you say? either way i am giving the love a chance to change and evolve into something that empowers my .... structure. sound to the ground of my soul that has to reach out and perhaps get caught up in a gypsy love affair. i explained it well ___ when a dream becomes reality___ then you must create new dreams. the segements align and life feels lovely. i absolutely love my life. it is a beautiful and wonderous behavior that i am thankful for... leading me in a constant form of change. 

soon the attention will be paid and i will set a clearer set of eyes on the situation. 

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