Monday, January 27, 2014


"i think i will call you grace." --señorita 2006

did i manage to miss my chance to ... witness a glorious life? well in fact i woke up from a long nap, which i dreamed. the art of storying telling. i completely lied about everything truly. it is all a perception that i have created. so now you have and MUST stop discussing these so called... "dreams". guess what? you are in the right place.

the abundance of "gathering" is where i will collect all the... pieces. a natural phenomenon that has surpassed all of the wishes and all of my dreams. come true.

come true to yourself and the things that happen, through him, will show the actual identity of your maturity. thank goodness i have grown...

today changed me once again shaping me into a statement of fashion & grace. almost falling... and by the grace of god i have hardly spilled a thing...

so now it is time to ask the question... "do you have a light?"

what would you do if you actually caught the road runner? i curiously asked the coyote... well we will have to see. the gift of "hospitality". that isn't the first of that type of compliment. coming from a long line of "how can i serve you?" service.

the act of service is as brilliant quality as time. then comes touch. gifts and soon affirmation. the order is important and if listed in "that" order... i can see the mix of emotions here. displacing myself and creating another reality is more my speed. interested. the fire has been set and i am excited to be part of this movement. i have something to say. we all do...

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