Saturday, July 6, 2013

cold pizza.

the four in the morning hour is a good time to focus on your present... goals.
i guess i am happy in the instance that i am really quiet from now on... i have too much to consider.
"you are really a good fan" says a girl after i finish explaining to her about how she needs to go see the hound dogs... immediately.

this is rather comical to me. i manage to keep a very straight face. i act calm and resume my natural being. i guess you could say that i was here first. it happened during an indian summer. everything finally comes full circle and you realize that indeed... a moment changes everything.

you want more... i know it. we all do, that is what makes us... humanly equal. but i beg to differ. the ones with the higher power.. are much closer to the top.
the boys said a funny thing tonight... --girls are like cats, they like for you to let them think they have the power... but they would rather you be in control--.
i think this is true.
my man... i'd rather him just shake me around a bit.

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