Friday, July 5, 2013


our colors have changed... but my feelings stayed the same. it was almost a replica of last year, except it was ten times more love... and affection. i know these wild souls more than ever as we paced and danced around the acid wash of music and beer.
the oceanside bar housed the soul of the world's future rockstar. people are starting to recognize his character and see his depth. this sandbar has raised and grown him into quite the man. with all his trials and strife... the pressure is on.
feeling like the sound was one with my movements... i danced in perfect synchronization of his rhythms. it's like i've been here before... heard this song and knew all the .... steps.
no film... no picture... it's like it never happened.
the sweaty packed bar... this phenomenon.
most of them didn't know what to do with the sound. shock & awe... how much is too far? in the name of a good show.
the mermaid curls I'm sure were a sight... i was a mess. but from the mouth of harry himself... when asked what he wants from his shows... "i just want to see everyone rocking out". that is rock & roll.

if it were up to me... we would fill venues all over this earth and show everyone the best night of their life.

the night in this life was ended for me short... i lingered too long and put myself too out there. some little blond was occupying his thoughts and words, but that is ok. he has to be given away.
i have to give him away. he is not mine... nor will he ever be. my love for him is just as all the others... no different. we are all the same. now that i have let go of this... i have freedom.

as i dosed off into the matrix of my dreamland... he is there to greet me with open arms. thank goodness, because i wasn't done with him just yet. we had many conversations... all of which are lost forever the layers of brain tissue... but one moment sticks with me. he was holding a postcard... that was black and was waving it back and forth "all of the magic... the glitter... is almost gone". i looked at him and explained that it was just time to move on, to a new place. spread the magic around... i know his feeling. he has maxed out here. he will be a legend on this island. and then we have to let him go.

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