Tuesday, July 23, 2013

what a waste.

i waste many things; mainly my time. lately it has all been for nothing. i am bored and choose sleep or stare off into the distance instead of any purpose. i actually feel remorse and confusion about whether all of my efforts have been in vain?
im not even interested in my days or hours, i'd rather enter my dream land.
maybe i should learn something.
maybe i should plan something.

i am sick again, from the travels... the adventures. i am sick with a past time passion for love and lust.
the thought that scares me the most... do i even know him? do i even love him?
how will i know if i don't take the time to learn, to have patience and try and pay attention to the signs that he has so blatantly laid in front of me.

shift the focus and try and say still without falling asleep.

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